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WabiSabi is a business coworking community made up of entrepreneurial types based in Northern Ireland. We meet regularly for Coworking Days:

The ultimate goal is to establish a comfortable, professional, inspiring coworking space when we have enough community members.

The WabiSabi coworking space will be specifically designed to support the positive mental health of its members. (Scroll down  >>>)

It will include private offices, desks, meeting rooms to bring clients and other workplace resources.

Completing this survey adds your voice to the design of the community and space, and your email address to our mailing list.
Who is behind WabiSabi?

We're Allen and Dawn Baird, currently Partners in Sensei. You can find out more about us at

Are you ready to design your coworking community and space?

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What is it about coworking that attracts you? *

If the coworking space was to be located in Belfast for example, how close would you need to be to the City Hall? *

What type of setup do you want? *

If you were a permanent resident, what type of desk would you want? *

If you were either a permanent resident or a hot-desker (and in an open space, not a small, private office), would you want any privacy options? *

If you were a permanent resident, would you need storage *

If you answered Yes to the storage question, what type of storage do you need? *

How important is it to have a telephone answering service? *

This is where our staff would answer calls in your organisation name and put calls through to your extension or mobile, and/or take messages for you.
How important is it to have a business mailing address? *

This is where you'd be able to use the location as your business address and put it on your website and marketing materials.
What other facilities would you want? *

Finding a space within town centres that have their own parking is highly unlikely. There are plenty of public carparks though.

How important is parking? *

Do you have access requirements, e.g. wheelchair access? *

What is your monthly budget for a permanent desk? *

How many desks might you need? *

Do you have any preferences/thoughts on furniture or decor? *

How soon do you want to find a community/space you can join?

What is the single thing that would make our coworking community and space a place you'd like to join? Be as specific as you can. *

Please add anything else that was not covered in the questions above.
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